Sarah Larsen (gizzygizmo) wrote in snicket_rating,
Sarah Larsen

How Unfortunate...



Name/Alias (A word which here means "nickname"): Sarah/Sar/Mimi
Age: 13
Sex: Female
Star Sign: Virgo


Favorite Lemony book + Why: Probably the first book, because that's when the horror begins.
Favorite Character + Why: Probably Violet, because she's an inventor like me.
Least Favorite Character + Why:  Mr. Poe, but I have no clue why. He just bugs me.
Of all the unfortunate conditions the Baudelaires have lived in, which would you say was the worst? Huh.. They are all really bad... Probably living in the academy.
If you were to become part of a secret organization, what would be your reason for doing so? Because it's... secert? Well, it all depends what the secert organization stands for, and what they do..


What would you say are some of your strong points? Being with friends
And some of your weaker points? Being picked on, getting hurt, being lonely (although sometimes I want to be alone)
Any hobbies? I collect PEZ dispensers
What makes you happy? When I'm drawing or reading or making models or cooking..
...And sad? Whenever I fight with my parents.
Do you have any dreams or goals you'd like to achieve? Not at this moment, I'm just trying to live my life.
If you were to go undercover, what would you like to disguise yourself as? Probably a boy.


Color: Yellow!
Type of music: Classical, rock, metal
Non Lemony book(s): Too many.. Heehee. I love reading.
Film: Cats Don't Dance
Article of clothing: Shirts
Way to spend your time: Drawing
Place: England

And last but not least...
If there's nothing out there...then what was that noise?  EL CHUPACABRA!

Pictures (This is optional, we will understand if you choose not to show yourself to the general public.  Although if you were to put someone else's picture to represent you, we would never know.) I dun have none. Sorry.


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