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A Woeful Distraction's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
A Woeful Distraction


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how unfortunate! [19 Aug 2008|09:04am]


<lj-cut text="Aren't ponies adorable?">


<b>Name/Alias (A word which here means "nickname")</b>: Melissa
<b>Age</b>: 21
<b>Sex</b>: female
<b>Star Sign</b>: Leo


<b>Favorite Lemony book + Why</b>: The End - it got me to think about things...and life
<b>Favorite Character + Why</b>: It's hard to pick a favourite... I've always really liked Violet.  Because she's a girl and she's brilliant.  Also she's good at Physics, a subject that I've always struggled with.
<b>Least Favorite Character + Why</b>: Carmelita Spats - she is obnoxious.
<b>Of all the unfortunate conditions the Baudelaires have lived in, which would you say was the worst</b>? The Orphan Shack in The Austere Academy was really bad.  I think that was the worst.
<b>If you were to become part of a secret organization, what would be your reason for doing so</b>? Knowing that I'm doing the right thing.


<b>What would you say are some of your strong points</b>? I'm caring, reliable, hard-working, usually intelligent and can be very optimistic.
<b>And some of your weaker points</b>? I can be emotionally volatile (like Fiona).  I guess it's because I'm an emotional person.  I'm also sensitive. 
<b>Any hobbies</b>? playing piano, reading, knitting, running/walking
<b>What makes you happy</b>? going to the library and getting books, running, knitting a scarf, playing a lot of piano
<b>...And sad</b>? deaths, losing friends, disappointing people who love me, failing to meet my own goals
<b>Do you have any dreams or goals you'd like to achieve</b>? I'd love to be a pedriatrician.  My alternative careers are: teacher and child psychologist.
<b>If you were to go undercover, what would you like to disguise yourself as</b>? a hedge....it's probably safest to be an inanimate object.


<b>Color</b>: blue
<b>Type of music</b>: classical, pop
<b>Non Lemony book(s)</b>: The Princess Diaries series
<b>Film</b>: 27 dresses, The Devil Wears Prada, You've Got Mail
<b>Article of clothing</b>: sweater
<b>Way to spend your time</b>: if I'm being productive, doing my hobbies.  If I'm relaxing, spending time on the computer (youtube, livejournal, hotmail, etc).
<b>Place</b>: my room

<u>And last but not least...</u>
<b>If there's nothing out there...then what was that noise</b>? I'm still wondering about this.

<u>Pictures</u> (This is optional, we will understand if you choose not to show yourself to the general public.  Although if you were to put someone else's picture to represent you, we would never know.)


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I can't see any posts! How unfortunate! Have I come too late...? [11 Aug 2008|11:40pm]

[ mood | confused ]

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how unfortunate, a snow zombie. [28 Sep 2007|05:48pm]

horseradish tastes baddddd.Collapse )
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How Unfortunate... [27 Jun 2007|10:05am]

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How Unfortunate- Another new one! [19 May 2007|06:26pm]

[ mood | tired ]

This way to insanity!Collapse )This way to insanityCollapse )This way to insanityCollapse )This way to insanityCollapse )This way to insanityCollapse )This way to insanityCollapse )This way to insanityCollapse )This way to insanityCollapse )This way to insanityCollapse )This way to insanityCollapse )</div>

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Mwuahah!- Er, I mean... How unfortunate.... [22 Feb 2007|02:39am]

[ mood | amused ]

Aren't ponies adorable? ....Why was that there by default? 'cause, it's hilarious, but it's not mine. I wanna be creative!Collapse )

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How Unfortunate! [21 Jan 2007|05:55pm]

[ mood | melancholy ]

Aren't ponies adorable?Collapse )

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How Unfortunate [09 Jan 2007|05:51pm]

Aren't ponies adorable?Collapse )
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How unfortunate. [03 Jan 2007|01:32pm]

Aren't ponies adorable?Collapse )
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[14 Dec 2006|12:10am]

Hey guys. Sorry I've been so behind on stamping, school has been kicking my arse (and my co-mod is apparently mia...). But now I should be caught up, let me know if I missed you. And by the way, feel free to vote someone a character even if there isn't a stamp for them. I plan to make more eventually, this series has a lot of characters. Anyway, on with the voting:

pocket_hands, here
jigglypuff, here
And of course, maz_z, here
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