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How Unfortunate



Name/Alias (A word which here means "nickname"): Rachel, no nicknames
Age: 19
Sex: female
Star Sign: scorpio


Favorite Lemony book + Why: I have yet to finish the series, but my favorite so far is #2, the reptile room
Favorite Character + Why: Klaus cuz he's smart and can't ever stop reading or learning
Least Favorite Character + Why: Of course Count Olaf for obvious reasons
Of all the unfortunate conditions the Baudelaires have lived in, which would you say was the worst? the miserable mill
If you were to become part of a secret organization, what would be your reason for doing so? don't really know, but probably because I want to do what i can to help with whatever the organization is doing


What would you say are some of your strong points? creative, good listener, loyal to friends and family
And some of your weaker points? shy, not much of a people person, not good in confrontations
Any hobbies? reading, crafts, scrapbooking
What makes you happy? spending time with my best friend
...And sad? being away from home, at college
Do you have any dreams or goals you'd like to achieve? as stupid as it sounds, i'd like to get married, preferably to a Broadway star, and have a bunch of kids
If you were to go undercover, what would you like to disguise yourself as? i really don't have an answer for that cuz i really don't know


Color: purple
Type of music: i love Broadway the most, but I like movie soundtracks and a bit of everything else
Non Lemony book(s): Whence Came a Prince by Liz Curtis Higgs
Film: The Phantom of the Opera
Article of clothing: jeans
Way to spend your time: relaxing at home or with my best friend
Place: anywhere quiet to read, usually my room

And last but not least...
If there's nothing out there...then what was that noise? that was just my stomach, i must be hungry

Pictures (This is optional, we will understand if you choose not to show yourself to the general public. Although if you were to put someone else's picture to represent you, we would never know.)

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